The Key to a Good Garden?

So, in May 2017, we got given the keys to our first ever allotment plot!

502Sqm of gorgeous open space, including one large greenhouse, one medium nursery greenhouse, and an Anderson Shelter.

I have been told we were crazy taking on this amount of space for the first ever crack at gardening, but go big or go home right!

Walking up the lane, we saw all of the old gentlemen with flask in hand and flatcap on head tending beautifully clear beds. The lovely ladies in their gardening clogs were sweeping perfectly straight slabbed paths. Birds were tweeting and I felt like the weight of the world had lifted.

Then we saw the work that lay ahead of us and it all came crashing back down.

In short – those people who said it was too much could now say “we told you so”.

The weeds were taking over completely, and to make matters worse they had all gone to seed. This meant that I already knew that whatever I did to clear it would not be enough and they would come back again net spring.

The nettles were tall and tough enough to sting through jeans, and the gates were heavy and collapsing under their own weight. Brambles roped around your ankles and bindweed had woven itself into a carpet covering the whole site!

The only saving grace was what appeared to be a mature grape vine which wound through the beams of the nursery greenhouse. Until we found that this had been cut off at the base and dug up!

Our plot also sits next door to an abandoned plot which has not been tended for as long as anyone on our site can remember. It is overgrown, full of rubbish and is the source of all of our weedy misery. It is also home to the resident fox population, which soon sent my ideas of keeping free ranging chickens reeling…

I didn’t know where to start.


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