New arrivals <3

Welcome to The Roost little ones!!

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We had a naming session at a family barbecue over the weekend – the only stipulation being that they had to fit in with my ‘famous’ theme.

Meet (Left to Right);
Morgan Freenhen
Jimmy Hendrix
Cluck Noris
MariHen Monroe
Jeremy Cluckson

My current girls are Rita, Sue and Bob2, as well as Rhihenna, Henifer Lopez and Henny Kravitz so the names will work well.

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They are fitting in well and have already escaped their chick-pen 3 times in 24 hours. Unfortunately I don’t think they realise that the big chickens will be mean to them until they grow up a little!

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They are Pekins and have beautiful fluffy feet… they’re gorgeous and make the cutest little tweet noise.

Hopefully the integration in to the flock will go well in a few weeks time!


10 thoughts on “New arrivals <3

  1. Awe…they are awesome! I want chickens again! I am doing research on their house and how to better protect them from prey…We have coyotes for sure and stray cats…Congratulations on your new additions! Any suggestions on chickens that are on the more quieter side and gentle?


    • Hey!
      Aw you should! We have cats too, and a family of foxes next door. We just sunk the railing fence to stop them digging and put the coop (actually a shed) on slabs to make sure they cant dig in.
      Id definately say these are really quiet and they say that this breed is the best for kids as they are so friendly and learn to love cuddles and fuss!
      I would say head away from Rhode islands and Marans as they are quite big and bolshy x

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