Phew! Now that’s over with…

As many of you know, I have been manically busy getting ready for my wedding to Mr T…

I am now happy to report that we are now Mr and Mrs T!


I am very happy about this of course, but I am even more happy because it means no more evenings sat in the house making bouquets and invites and decorations.


Although our wedding was pretty “allotment-ified”, so I suppose I can share some of my photos on here. Not that I need an excuse, hey!


No matter how sad I am that it is over, it does mean more free time – YAY!


We jetted off for a lovely honeymoon in the Maldives in the stunning resort of Furaveri ( and we’ve now come back down to earth with a bang.

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Its cold, wet and dark here now so I won’t have much to tell you about crops wise (except maybe some broccoli!) but I do hope to get some of the ‘big jobs’ done. This means getting the potting shed reasonably watertight, refelting the conservatory and hopefully getting some fruit bushes in the ground.

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My little Bantys have grown up well and are now bossing around my big hens.

Unfortunately, while we were away, it would seem that a weasel or other such horrible critter has gotten in to my quail hutch and stolen all of my ladies away in the night. We found the scattering of feathers last night when we got home and it would seem that the ‘babysitters’ found they were gone on Monday morning.
Evil little blighters.
Looks like more fortifications will be needed for next year.

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When I manage to make it up in the daylight – maybe the weekend- I will update you all on how many of my plants have survived my absence. Lets all keep our fingers crossed!

Mrs T!