Demolition Derby

I do love my new husband, and there are not many things I won’t do for him. However¬†climbing up on a rickety old roof to look at a rotten bit of wood that he’s just been smacking with a crowbar is one step too far.

I have always been the office girl. I google the best places to find things and then send him on a mission to collect the lovingly sourced hunks of plywood and roof felt. Bet he’s glad he settled for me, eh?

I am terrified of heights, I’m not going to lie. So I always knew that the roof repairs would have to wait until the light of my life felt energetic. Or until he got bored of me saying how ‘cold the allotment is’ and how ‘lovely it would be to be able to have a cup of tea in the dry’.

Well yesterday was finally that day.


I finished work a little early so I managed to get there just as the sun was going down (4pm?! Christmas is coming…) and found MrT up a ladder ripping bits of roof off.


He had already managed to get the old rotten sheets off and cut himself on the old felt, so all was going well.


Until he found this.


“Come up and have a look” he said.
“Don’t worry, its safe” he said.

So I climbed up the ladder and stood on a beam, and I am telling you now – That wasn’t safe.

So I swiftly climbed back down and watched him adoringly, giving helpful advice like ‘be careful’ and ‘don’t fall off’.

I was on screw patrol, and would pass up hardware and hunks of wood salvaged from the old chicken run so that he could add a few more beams to the ever wobblier roof. And he was doing really well until it got so dark he couldn’t see the ground!

So ‘we’ gave up for the night and went home for chicken nuggets. Success!

He is back up there today (bless his little heart) to board out the roof and get it as secure as possible.

It’ll probably be down to me to felt it tomorrow since the days are so short now, but hopefully I will be a bit less of a cry baby about it when I can’t see the ground through the cracks in the beams I am standing on!

Am I in a time warp?

I don’t know what is going on, but I am still harvesting tomatoes in November?!

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Even the strawberries are still trying to squeeze the last drops from summer. I don’t hold out hope for any edible fruit, but its nice to still have some flowers around the plot when everything else is browning off.

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Unfortunately it wasn’t all good news though this week.

My beautiful Sue, ruler of the roost and queen of the coop has left us. I sadly found her on Saturday morning and it seems she has been a meal for some evil critter who made it through the coop door. Obviously the other ladies were very upset so it’s not been a nice weekend for us.¬†


It has taken the critters over a year and a half to figure it out though, so hopefully whatever new fortifications I can create will keep them out for another year.

I have a plan this weekend to spend the day down there doing lots of chores and having a relax, so hopefully I will have lots of things to show you soon!