Happy Christmas All!

So the shed roof is now watertight and has been tested by our first two day downpour, and the chickens are spending most of the day sleeping and hiding from the mud.

Little do they know that Cluckingham Palace V3 is soon to be coming their way!

The ratty ba*ds have been chewing through the floor or their coop and have made themselves a lovely warm nest for over the winter with an unlimited supply of food. Great for them, not for everyone else.

So this afternoon Mr T and I will be off to get something to stop that…. a house on stilts!
I know they will still get in to the coop, but hopefully it will reduce one of the rodents luxuries – a nice warm bed.

 Plus, hopefully we will have less egg-loss if they cant carry them away down the ladder…. but we will see!

I will update with photos when we manage to get it home and up… I know I can’t wait!