Better than the shops

Not much to report at the moment.

There has been a very cold snap recently, so nothing has been able to go out besides my onions, which are definitely ready to spread their roots!

Onion roots.

They had been potted up in a large tray of compost in my kitchen for the last few weeks to get enough of a root system to keep the beasties from pulling them up.

I did come to pick up some dinner though, and this is what I walked away with –

Winter Cabbage

These have been growing all through Christmas and aren’t they beautiful? Definitely going to have to find something scrumptious to do with this.

I also picked up lots of fresh eggs, and said hello to my little feathered kiddiwinks.


Feel sorry for the girl who laid this monster though. Poor thing is probably walking like John Wayne. It turns out that there was a fully formed egg ‘inside’ this other egg! Apparently it’s an abnormality when the chicken is making the eggs, but to me it just looks damn painful… Ouchy!

Ouch – poor girl!